Payday Loans for housewives without a paycheck

In this article we want to talk about payday loans for housewives , which in recent times have gained more popularity, so as to convince the banking and financial groups to set up real packages, designed ad hoc to meet the needs of those who can not exhibit special guarantees , one on all, the paycheck.

Over the years, young people, the unemployed and workers without payroll have encountered many difficulties in accessing bank payday loans but, nowadays, with the changing economic conditions of families, services for these categories of people are significantly increased, while the criteria for lending have become much broader and more permissive.

However, housewives often find themselves in a particularly disadvantaged position because, in addition to not being able to show their paychecks, they often do not even own personal income and, for this reason, require the signature of a third guarantor in order to access the services banking, especially for larger sums.

What is a payday loan for housewives?

The payday loan for housewives falls into the category of a typical personal loans , as often customers can not exhibit the common guarantees, such as employment contracts, tax return or the lease of a property, which, in most cases, bears the signature of the spouse.

For this reason, payday loans for housewives hardly exceed 3,000 euros , and can therefore be used only to cover small household expenses, such as renovations of the building, the purchase of a car or an electrical appliance. or the payment of medical care .

On the contrary, if the housewife has a source of income – albeit minimal – like renting a property, a personal income or the salary of a part-time job , she can more easily access even slightly larger figures, especially if she can demonstrate an impeccable financial reputation.

Payday loan requirements for housewives

So, to access the payday loan for housewives , it is good to show at least a small monthly income, especially if you do not want to involve the husband or a family member in the negotiation. The requirements for obtaining the payday loan, even if it is an a typical payday loan, in fact, include, in addition to the valid identity document, the tax code and valid residence permit (for foreign customers), also a sheet that attests a minimum personal income , deriving from rented property, from part-time or occasional jobs or from other fixed income.

In the absence of these conditions, the housewife will be obliged to choose a third person acting as guarantor, especially if she wants to get a figure that exceeds 2,000 or 3,000 euros and, above all, lighter and more advantageous financial conditions.

Remember, in fact, that without even a minimum pay or a personal income , it is virtually impossible to access financial services , unless you choose a different solution, such as, for example, a rechargeable credit card or private payday loan .

Rechargeable credit card for housewives

A valid alternative to bank payday loans consists of the rechargeable credit card , dedicated not only to housewives, but also to young people, atypical workers and, in general, to all those who need only small amounts (not more than 1,500 or 2,000 euros) , so to speak) and that can not provide any guarantee from the financial point of view, as unemployed or unemployed.

The rechargeable credit card works differently, compared to common credit cards: in this case, in fact, the figures taken are not debited entirely at the end of the month, but diluted with a monthly installment plan , with a very low amount , which does not weigh on the personal or family budget.

Payday loan features for housewives

Let’s go back, instead, to the aforementioned payday loan for housewives who, as we said, allows women with a small personal income, to get a figure that varies, generally, between 200 and 2,000 euros , in times, all in all, fairly short, ranging from one to three or four days.

The installment plan is usually short-lived and hardly exceeds 24 months , while the interest rate is quite high, due to the high percentage of risk for banking groups.

However, for women who have a work contract – even fixed-term or part-time – the conditions are slightly more favorable: the amount obtainable, in fact, reaches up to 5,000 euros , and even the settlement plan is more flexible. , as well as costs (APR, ancillary costs) are reduced.

When do you need a guarantor?

However, in some cases, the involvement of the spouse or a relative is necessary, that is to say if the housewife is unable to produce any fixed monthly income: in this way, the third person becomes co – responsible for the payment of monthly installments, by signing a co-obliged contract , and the bank may possibly take action against both in the event of insolvency.

The choice of the guarantor, however, follows some directives: for payday loans that concern personal needs (medical expenses, purchase of goods, furnishings, travel, etc.), the spouse can act as guarantor, unless already has current funding covering 50% of his salary; for payday loans that relate to family needs, that is, when none of the family members is in a position to request the service, it is instead necessary to involve a relative or a friend.

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