Delivery times for the payday loan: how long does it take?


The timing of the payday loan Government Agency are among the most discussed topics on the web among the opinions on funding. Let’s see how long it takes to receive the desired amount: to do so, we will visit the various industry forums to find out the comments of those who have chosen this form of financing.

Payday loan: forum feedback regarding delivery times

The payday loan is definitely known as one of the most convenient. The management of this form of financing has long since passed into Social Institute, which as an institute born for social security, also in terms of loans offers particularly advantageous conditions compared to those that can be obtained by turning to a bank. If you want to know the treatment that would be offered to you by Social Institute in the event that you proceeded with the request for financing, you can perform a simulation of the payday loan, which will immediately offer you a good estimate of the monthly repayment installment and interest rates. and Taeg applied.

In addition to this fundamental information, which allows us to know the expenditure that we will meet every month and the total cost of funding, a very important aspect is that of delivery times. Speed ​​in this sense is a fundamental characteristic, as very often it happens that we can not wait too long to deliver the sum we need, precisely because that money will help us to buy a good or service. For this reason, our advice to choose the best form of loan that is right for you, is to visit the various forums that talk about loans, in which each user evaluates the product of his choice, and therefore recommend or not the product itself to other users of the forum.

On the Social Institute official website, regarding the payday loans, it is specified how the requested sum will be paid within 60 days from the time of sending the application. By consulting the various forums, however, we find that usually it takes no more than two weeks to get the amount requested at your disposal. In this sense, the comments are divided between those who are satisfied, since the desired money was paid much earlier than 60 days. Instead there are those who complain, because it claims that the delivery times are too long, even if compared with those of different banks that allow you to receive the desired amount in one or two days. So much will depend on your needs, so based on the urgency that you have to receive the required amount you will choose the form of financing that satisfies you the most.

How to quickly request a payday loan in 24 or 48 hours

If you are interested in receiving the desired amount through a payday loan as quickly as possible, what you need to do is to apply for a loan. This can be done completely online, through the website of the National Institute of Social Security. What you need to do will be to access the Government Agency site reserved for your loans through your PIN code, without which you will not be able to access the reserved area. If you do not have a PIN, you can request it by going directly to one of the Social Institute offices, whose list is always available on the Institute’s website.

Once logged in, you can finally proceed with the quick request for the payday loan. What we need to specify will be the amount we need and the duration of the loan, ie the number of monthly installments in which we intend to complete the repayment. Please note that the treatment offered to you by the Institute at the time the contract is signed may differ slightly from that calculated using the simulation. This is because the characteristics of the loan are also defined on the basis of your personal data and the net pension received. How long does it take? The duration of the whole practice can be 24 hours as 48 hours: generally in maximum two days there will be a reply from the institution regarding the outcome of the loan.



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